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3-Piece Flash Kit for Nikon Cameras

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3-Piece Flash Kit for Nikon Cameras

3-Piece Flash Kit for Nikon Cameras Description

This 3-piece flash set will give your Nikon camera the illumination it needs. The Pro Series Digital Dedicated Flash features top-of-the-line engineering with an autofocus infra-red assistance beam, zoom, bounce, and swivel construction, and automatic shutter speed setting capability. The off-camera shoe cord features a built-in tripod socket and frees your hand from holding the off-camera flash. The bounce dome diffuser well, diffuses the light output of the flash, producing softer shadows and a more natural glow rather than the harsher effect when using a direct flash. All together, this set will make your photographs stand out against the mere dilettante shutterbugs pictures. Want to know more? 1-year suppliers warranty Model number 3PIE-FLSHKT Pro Series Digital DSLR Dedicated Flash AF Flash for Nikon Guide No: 49m / 160ft Flash ready indicator in viewfinder Full Digital TTL dedication Auto check (Ok) indicator Red eye reduction Second/rear curtain synchronization Slow synchronization Dedication: iTTL Single slave function Off-Camera Shoe Cord AF TTL F/CANON 3 feet heavy-duty coiled cable Features a shoe mount on the bottom of the flash connection shoe, as well as a 1/4?-20 socket Total dedication between digital or film camera & flash using ISO shoe connection Helps in achieving off-camera flash photography results without the harsh shadows behind your objects; this is common when using direct flash exposures Features a molded shoe on one end sliding onto the camera hot shoe and locks on

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3-Piece Flash Kit for Nikon Cameras
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