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Aquapac AQUA-468 Camcorder Case

Hot Offer Aquapac AQUA-468 Camcorder Case
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Aquapac AQUA-468 Camcorder Case

Aquapac AQUA-468 Camcorder Case Description

Tough acrylic lens for top-quality video and extra protection. the lens is permanently attached do not attempt to remove.Operate all controls easily through the supple TPU material.Also protects from dust dirt and sand.Like most of our cases it will float if you drop it in the drink.SThe seams are high-frequency welded to form a super-strong bond.The Aquaclip a patented ultra-secure rustproof injection-moulded plastic seal opens and closes with a simple twist of three levers and everything stays in one piece even when open.Supplied with 3 x 2g desiccant sachets to absorb condensation in humid climates.Dimensions - 10 L x 10 H In

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Aquapac AQUA-468 Camcorder Case
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Aquapac 468 Camcorder Case, Cool Grey with Grey Shoudlerstrap
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Aquapac Camcorder Case
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