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GoPro Camera Tethers - ATBKT-005

Hot Offer GoPro Camera Tethers - ATBKT-005
Price : $19.99 (price as of : 2014-11-07)
Brand : GoPro
Merchant : Cruiser Customizing
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GoPro Camera Tethers - ATBKT-005

GoPro Camera Tethers - ATBKT-005 Description

Use these camera tethers and adhesive anchors to further secure your GoPro camera in extreme conditions. The tethers attach to the camera housings backdoor and the adhesive anchors attach to your gear.Whats Included5 Adhesive Mounts5 Tether Straps

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GoPro Camera Tethers - ATBKT-005
Merchant : Cruiser Customizing
price as of : 2014-11-07