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LG Pocket Photo Printer - PD233

Hot Offer LG Pocket Photo Printer - PD233
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Brand : LG
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LG Pocket Photo Printer - PD233

LG Pocket Photo Printer - PD233 Description

The LG PD233 Pocket Photo Printer is easy to share with friends - anytime, anywhere. A simple touch is enough to activate within a few seconds the picture to print. This may also be done through Bluetooth when you do not have NFC chip in your mobile. The innovative NFC technology is connected with a simple touch of your smartphone with the Pocket Photo. With its compact dimensions it is hardly bigger than a smartphone and is only 215 g in weight and easily fits in your pocket and is available at any time. Use the ZINK (Zero Ink) technology of the Pocket Photo Printer. It prints on specially coated paper that contains color pigments that can withstand the heat developed photo. So the use of cartridges is of the past and get your colorful pictures - very simple and above all fast. The small rectangles contain coded information that can be read by free apps. And what is more fun is you can link you own social media; for example, YouTube videos, Facebook wall or Twitter account, whether you want to use for capturing party photos, invitations or just for fun. With the Pocket Photo make simple and fast small pictures.

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LG Pocket Photo Printer - PD233
Merchant : Beach Trading Co.
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