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Panasonic KV-S3105C-V Panasonic KV-S3105C-V

Hot Deal Panasonic KV-S3105C-V Panasonic KV-S3105C-V
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Panasonic KV-S3105C-V Panasonic KV-S3105C-V

Panasonic KV-S3105C-V Panasonic KV-S3105C-V Description

"Panasonic KV-S3105C-V Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, The Panasonic KV-S3105C-V high-volume duplex scanner features one-pass, duplex scanning to prevent pages from being missed while scanning. The advanced Image Enhancement technology ensures a very high quality of image, even improving on the quality of the original document. The long paper mode allows documents of up to 100 inches in length to be scanned in one single scan job. The Double-Feed prevention roller system of KV-S3105C-V ensures reliable scanning of large amounts of documents and prevents scanning mis-feeds. The auto erasure security technology offers high degree of security by erasing all the data from the scanner's built-in memory while eliminating the danger of data leaks and ensures secure scanning. Moreover the mixed size document feeding helps to scan documents of various sizes one after another. KV-S3105C-V Features: Document Scanner, Mixed Document Feeding, Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection - Accurate Scanning of Documents, 1000 Page ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) , High Speed Full Color Scanning, Advanced Image Enhancement Technology, Automatic Binary / Color Distinction, Scanning Speed: 105 ppm / 190 ipm at 200 dpi, Optical Resolution: 100 - 600 dpi, Long Paper Mode - Scan Documents of Upto 100 Inches, Curved / Straight Paper Path, Auto Erasure Security, Poster Imprinter - Raises Filling Efficiency, Multi-Color Dropout, Image Output: - MultiStream, Binary Mode, Grayscale Mode, Color Mode, Unlimited Pages Daily Duty Cycle, Software: Kofax VRS Elite Production Software, Easy Maintenance"

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Panasonic KV-S3105C-V Panasonic KV-S3105C-V
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