2014 Black Friday Panasonic WJ-ND200/500 Network Video Recorders

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Panasonic WJ-ND200/500 Network Video Recorders

Hot Deal Panasonic WJ-ND200/500 Network Video Recorders
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Panasonic WJ-ND200/500 Network Video Recorders

Panasonic WJ-ND200/500 Network Video Recorders Description

"Panasonic WJ-ND200/500 Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, The Panasonic WJ-ND200/500 is a secure and user-friendly network recorder specifically designed for surveillance purposes . It offers unsurpassed security in a space-saving design and is capable of monitoring from upto 16 cameras, making it suitable for surveillance in small to mid sized businesses, or anywhere that network recording is desired. The WJ-ND200/500 is a new style of recorder, using Two Removable HDD Units . Each removable HDD can be removed by opening front panel, creating excellent portability and archiving flexibility. The Mirroring mode is available only when 2 HDD's are installed. It uses MPEG-4 & JPEG formats and can simultaneously display live images of up to 16 cameras. WJ-ND200/500 Features: Network Video Recorder w/ Removable 500GB Drive, Manages Up to 16 Cameras, MPEG-4 & JPEG Multi Format, User / Host Authentication Modes, Quick IP Setup f/ Panasonic i-PRO series Network Cameras, RAID1 Mirroring Capability, Simple & Easy GUI using Internet Explorer, 16 Alarm Inputs & 8 Alarm Outputs, Alarm Notification By E-mail, Alarm Sources Include -16x Terminal Inputs -16x Camera Alarm -Panasonic Alarm Protocol, Flexible Alarm Actions Include -Alarm Recording -E-mail Notification -Alarm Message -Camera Positioning -FTP Image Transfer -Terminal Output -Panasonic Alarm Protocol Output -Buzzer & Indicator, Network Port -1x 10BASE-T -100BASE-TX, Recording Modes -Manual -Schedule -Event (Pre/Post) -Emergency -External Timer, Audio Format: G.726 (ADPCM) 32 kbps, Image Resolution -SXVGA (1, 280 x 960) -VGA (640 x 480 -QVGA (320 x 240) , Bandwidth Control 32 k / 64 k / 128 k / 256 k / 512 k / 1, 024 k / 2 M / 5 M / 10 M (bps) & Unlimited, Digital Zoom: Live/Play: 2x, 4x (only for 1-screen) , Playback Controls: -Goto Date (Jump to specific time/date) -Goto Last (Jump to 5 s 5 min. before the record end) . Display Modes: Spot, Quad (4 patterns) , Spot Sequence, Quad Sequence (Sequence: Live only) . Camera Control: Pan/Tilt / Z"

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Panasonic WJ-ND200/500 Network Video Recorders
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