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Panasonic WV-ASM200 Management Software

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Panasonic WV-ASM200 Management Software

Panasonic WV-ASM200 Management Software Description

"Panasonic WV-ASM200 Brand New, The Panasonic WV-ASM200 is a video management software that allows the unification of large multi-recorder, multi-site networked video systems for centralized operation and ease-of-use. The software can connect up to 100 network video recorders and digital video recorders, 64 encoders, and 256 directly connected network and analog cameras, providing centralized control of large systems . With WV-ASM200 live images can be received directly from the camera/encoder or via the recorder enabling flexible network design. The WV-ASM200 software supports 16:9 video streams and 16:9 HD monitors and displays along with 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio videos from IP cameras on the same screen. It can convert video file format from n3r to MP4 for easy viewing on a computer. Up to 6, 400 cameras registered in the recorders and 256 cameras registered in the encoders are automatically indexed in the software. WV-ASM200 Features: i-Pro Management Software, Control Large Systems, Supports: - 16:9 Video Stream & 16:9 HD Monitor, Camera Control - Pan / Tilt, Zoom - Focus, Brightness, Direct Image Reception, Multiscreen Mode - Spot / Quad (A-D) / 9 Split / 16 Split, Convert n3r File Format to MP4, 30 ips/Camera in 16 Split-Screens, Flexible Network Design, Max. Devices Supported - 256 Cameras (Direct) - 6400 Cameras (with WJ-ND400 Series Recorder) - 3200 Cameras (with WJ-ND300 Series Recorder) - 1600 Cameras (with WJ-ND200/WJ-NV200 Series Recorder) - 256 Cameras (via Encoder) - 100 Recoders - 64 Encoders, Maximum Screens: 16, Digital Zoom Upto 4 Times, Built-In Alarm Notifications"

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