Black Friday Sales Samsung Security SRD-1650DC-6TB 16CH Premium DVR

Over-all this Samsung Security SRD-1650DC-6TB 16CH Premium DVR is quite well created, goes to work magnificently, I absolutely feel the purchasing might be worth any extra budget.

Samsung Security SRD-1650DC-6TB 16CH Premium DVR

Hot Offer Samsung Security SRD-1650DC-6TB 16CH Premium DVR
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Samsung Security SRD-1650DC-6TB 16CH Premium DVR

Samsung Security SRD-1650DC-6TB 16CH Premium DVR Description

"Samsung SRD-1650DC Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, The Samsung SRD-1650DC is a 16-Channel DVR with Built-in DVD-R/W that allows real-time CIF recording across all channels as well as recording up to full 4CIF with lower frame rates. Slim form factor DVR allows a small foot print while providing no loss in quality features and incorporates a user friendly GUI with multiple record, search and playback modes. The unit provides USB ports for easy back up and mounse control, Two Way Audio as well as RS-485 for PTZ Security Cameras and System controllers. H.264 compression technology allows you to save on storage space while also minimizing the bandwidth requirement for operations. The SRD-1650DC offers advanced features for remote viewing including webviewer applications, cms software including smart phone support for Android and Iphone. Highly reliable Linux based unit with easy operation and professional surveillance attributes like digital watermark make it high grade yet cost effective . SRD-1650DC Features: Digital Video Recorder, Records at CIF Resolution Per Channel, Manages Up to 16 Cameras, H.264 Compression Technology, 3 USB Ports For Backup, Supports CIF/2CIF/4CIF Recording Formats, 4-CIF Resolution Real-Time Recording Capability, Real Time 480fps (NTSC) / 400fps (PAL) Recording Rate, Playback Functions, Supports RS485 Protocols For PTZ Controls Via Coaxial Cable, DVD Writer Back-Up Support, Live Multi Screen Display, Email Notification Of User-Defined Critical Events, Network Port -1x 10BASE-T -100BASE-T -1000BASE-T (RJ-45) , Upto 5 SATA I/F HDD Support, Various Search Modes -Time, Event, Backup, POS & Motion Detection, Audio Format: ADPCM Compression -16KHz Sampling Rate, Smart Phone Support, Linux-Based Operating System, Alarm Inputs / Outputs, Free DDNS, Easy To Install & Configure, Multilingual Support: - Korean, Japanese, Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Netherlands, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Thai, Romanian, Serbian, Croatian, Hungarian, Greek"

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Samsung Security SRD-1650DC-6TB 16CH Premium DVR
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