Black Friday Sales SAMSUNG SLB-10A (EA-SLB10A/EP) Battery Pack Right Now

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SAMSUNG SLB-10A (EA-SLB10A/EP) Battery Pack

Hot Deal SAMSUNG SLB-10A (EA-SLB10A/EP) Battery Pack
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SAMSUNG SLB-10A (EA-SLB10A/EP) Battery Pack

SAMSUNG SLB-10A (EA-SLB10A/EP) Battery Pack Description

SAMSUNG SLB-10A (EA-SLB10A/EP) 1-Pack 1050mAh Li-Ion Battery Pack Type: Battery Dimensions: 0.8" (L) X 0.6" (W) X 0.1" (H) 0.08lbs. Compatibility: WB150 & WB850 Features: Our SLB10A Lithium-Ion Battery Pack is compatible with the WB150 & WB850 digital cameras. Lithium-ion batteries have up to the highest power-to-weight ratio of all commercially available rechargeable batteries.

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SAMSUNG SLB-10A (EA-SLB10A/EP) Battery Pack
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