Black Friday Sales 2014 Vivitar 10" Flexible Spider Tripod

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Vivitar 10

Hot Deal Vivitar 10" Flexible Spider Tripod
Price : $6.99 (price as of : 2014-11-07)
Brand : Vivitar
Merchant : Walmart
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Vivitar 10

Vivitar 10" Flexible Spider Tripod Description

Vivitar 10 Flexible Spider Tripod A flexible, sturdy tripod you wont want to live without! Great photo opportunities are everywhere, but acceptable shooting locations are usually pretty rare, particularly outdoors. Thankfully, Vivitar has created a compact, innovative tripod that can be placed almost anywhere, making it the perfect accessory for the photographer on the go. The 10 Spider Tripod is ideal for supporting point-and-shoot compact digital cameras. Featuring sturdy, prehensile legs, the Spider Tripod helps you get a steady shot in virtually any environment. Its compact size means it can go anywhere and everywhere, and the quick-release plate makes set-up a snap. And unlike traditional tripods, the Spider doesnt require an elevated flat surface for you to take the perfect picture. Whether youre shooting a memorable family portrait or simply looking to keep your camera rock steady for postcard-quality photos, the Spider Tripod is the perfect companion for your next great adventure! Key Features: Compact and Ideal for Travel Fits Most Digital SLR Cameras and Camcorders Quick Release Function Providing Versatility Maximum Extension: 10 (25.4 cm) Maximum Weight Capacity: 1.32 lb. (0.6 kg)

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Vivitar 10" Flexible Spider Tripod
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Vivitar VIV-SP 10" Spider Flexible Tripod
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