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Panasonic WJ-NV200V/3000T3 Network Video Recorder

Hot Offer Panasonic WJ-NV200V/3000T3 Network Video Recorder
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Panasonic WJ-NV200V/3000T3 Network Video Recorder

Panasonic WJ-NV200V/3000T3 Network Video Recorder Description

"Panasonic WJ-NV200V/3000T3 Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, The Panasonic WJ-NV200V/3000T3 is an advanced 16 Channel i-PRO SmartHD Network Disk Recorder with 3 TB of Storage . It eliminates the use and expense of external software by embedding Real Time Face Matching Technology . The WJ-NV200V/3000T3 uses H.264 (High Profile) , MPEG-4 & JPEG formats and can simultaneously display live images of up to 16 cameras. The Network Disk Recorder supports full Highdefinition (HD) output to display recorded and live images in High Definition. The Real Time Face Matching function matches registers face images with a face displayed on a live camera feed. Once the face is detected and matched, an alarm notification can be sent by e-mail, Panasonic system alarm, terminal output, buzzer or indicator. WJ-NV200V/3000T3 Features: Network Video Recorder w/ DVD Burner, 3 TB of Storage, Manages Up to 16 Cameras, H.264, MPEG-4 & JPEG Multi Format, 2 Serial ATA HDD Slots f/Adding up to 2 Hard Drives, Real Time Face Matching Function, Supports the Full HD output (HDMI) , Simple Setup Wizard w/o the Use of PC, Quick Intuitive Search w/ Calendar & Timeline, Referenced Recording Days Automatically Calulated By -Frame Rate -Image Quality -HDD Capacity, SD Card Slot for Local Storage, ECO-friendly Automatic Back Light Control, Alarm Sources Include -9x Terminal Inputs -16x Camera Alarm -Panasonic Alarm Protocol, Flexible Alarm Actions Include -Alarm Recording -E-mail Notification -Alarm Message -Camera Positioning -Terminal Output -Panasonic Alarm Protocol Output -Buzzer & Indicator, Network Port -1x 10BASE-T -100BASE-TX -1000BASE-T (RJ-45) , Recording Modes -Schedule -Event (Pre/Post) , Audio Format: G.726 (ADPCM) 32 kbps, Image Resolution -SXVGA (1, 280 x 960) -VGA (640 x 480 -QVGA (320 x 240) , Digital Zoom: Live/Play: 2x, 4x (only for 1-screen) , Display Modes: 16 Split Screens / 3 Split Screens / 4 Split Screens / 6 Split Screens / 9 Split Screens, Camera Control: Pan/Tilt / Zoom / Focus / Brightness / Preset Position"

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Panasonic WJ-NV200V/3000T3 Network Video Recorder
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